Upcoming Adult Camps:

.Hey Eventers!! Are you a Classicist or a Traditionalist? Meaning, are you interested in participating in the Classic Format 3-Day Events (Traditional, Long-Format, etc.)? Are you somewhat overwhelmed by how to prepare and what to do when you get there?

What if there was a training series you could attend that NOT ONLY helped you prepare fully for the long format Events, but could also help put your team together for the jogs and vet box?

Well, the answer to your prayers has arrived! Ralph Hill and his protégé, Lisa Murphy, have designed a Classic 3-Day 3-part training series for you and your horse. This 3-part series is designed to not only build your skill sets as riders and prepare you for your upcoming event, it is designed to give you training and work to take home so that you come back to each subsequent series more prepared than the last and more than ready for your Event.

Our aim is to focus on the Fall Classics at Hagyard and Waredaca 2017.

You can choose to participate in ALL or part of the 3-Part series. Each “Camp” Weekend will include 2 hands-on lectures and 4 riding lessons. Please note – This is a “Camp” atmosphere – we will be encouraging riders to stay at the farm or nearby and we will really be working on developing your team spirit and support groups!

These are all-inclusive weekends that include the following for you and your horse:

ü  Stabling – Included – 12x12 box stall with doors (Bring your own feed, buckets and bedding)

ü  Dinner Friday and Saturday Night

ü  Lunch Saturday and Sunday

ü  Continental Breakfast Saturday and Sunday

ü  Water, Tea (hot and cold) and Coffee

ü  Lectures

ü  Q&A Sessions

ü  Fun

ü  Camaraderie

ü  Team Building that will go beyond the weekend!

World Class coaching and guidance

 Part 1  - July 28-30th, 2017


  1. Understanding HOW to Prepare for a Classic 3-Day Event:
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Fitness Planning
  • Training Plans and Outlines
  • Schooling Plans
  • Competition Mapping
  1. TPR
  • What is it?
  • How do I do it?
  • When do I need it?
  • How will it help?

Riding Program:

  1. Dressage
  2. Fitness Work
  3. Gymnastic Schooling
  4. Position Work – Balance and Seat

Part 2  - August 11th -13th , 2017


  1. Know your horse:
  • Evaluate Warming Up
  • Prepping for the Jog
  • Talk to the vet
  • Evaluate your progress so far – fitness, training, etc.
  • Schooling Plans
  • Competition Mapping
  1. More on Fitness:
  • Rider Fitness
  • Horse Fitness
  • Can we be too fit?
  • How will it help?

Riding Program:

  1. Dressage
  2. Gymnastics for better Dressage and Stadium
  3. Stadium Courses
  4. Position Work – Releases

Part 3 – September 1st -3rd , 2017


  1. 10 Minute Box – it’s really only 7:
  • What!?! Why?
  • Understanding it.
  • Talk to the vet
  • Evaluate your horse – use the tools you learned last time and EVALUATE.
  • Schooling Plans
  • Practice Boxes
  • Team Organization
  • Box Planning
  • Role playing
  • Practice Jogs (Both formal and 10-Minute Box)
  • (this is an Extended hands-on lecture and encompasses both lecture slots)

Riding Program:

  1. Steeplechase Practice
  2. Know your MPM (Roads/STPL/XC) Ride it, Know it, Live it!
  3. Galloping between and to Fences – Coffin Canter vs. Triple Bar vs. Table vs. Ditch/drop/water
  4. ON Course – Cross-Country Walk and Schooling (This will be held at a separate location).

$225/horse & rider Combo per weekend


$650 for All three weekends (paid in advance by closing date of first clinic)


15100 NW 32nd Avenue, Newberry, Florida 32669   352.949.4012