About the Apprentice Program at Leprechaun Lane Training Center:

A unique professional equestrian apprenticeship program is offered by Leprechaun Lane Training Center in Newberry, Florida, just minutes from the University of Florida. This is an all inclusive program that is designed to completely prepare participants for a career as a professional equestrian.  There are many opportunities such as professional groom, racehorse trainer, show horse trainer, barn manager, broodmare or stallion manager, and many other opportunities that will open up as a result of completion of this program. Apprentices who complete the 1-year program will be assisted with resume creation, job search design, references, and other assistance as needed.


This program is designed for the aspiring equestrian professional seeking a position in racing, three-day eventing, dressage, or other professional pursuits. This is a live in or commuter position in which the apprentice may bring their own horse to train as a project, or one of the farm horses will be assigned to them to train as a project. The daily work with this horse is supervised by Lisa and John Murphy and the facility staff demonstrating systematic and classical training programs designed with safety in mind. Horses may be schoolmasters, projects, or young horses that may be sold at the end of the program.

Apprentices watch and actively participate in the training of additional horses and students. Lesson planning is a critical part of the training program.  Learning how to assess, evaluate, understand, and design training programs for the individual horse is essential. The skills to teach private lessons as well as group and semi-private lessons are demonstrated and taught. Teaching skills for lessons, clinics and coaching are specifically addressed.


Equestrian and Farm management topics that are covered include feeds and feeding, daily barn chores and care of the horses in a professional show barn setting, tack conditioning, trailering and trailer hauling, breeding techniques, broodmare and foal management, and sales preparation for both private venues and large auctions, equine rehabilitation techniques, the importance of lay-ups and handling during lay-ups, rehabilitation and training. Participants learn how to organize clinics, shows, and outings. Students also learn the aspects of business management including: dealing with clients, and the handling of veterinary and farrier appointments, bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory control, and business planning. Other daily lessons include barn management and business skills including ordering of feed/supplies and employee relations and time management and are discussed thoroughly.  Students will also learn how to design and building obstacles, jumps, arenas, and other training aids for horses.  Students will constantly be exposed to varying equestrian venues and operations, in order to achieve a real-world understanding of equestrian operations at every level.


Apprentices are expected to participate in every aspect of the industry, including showing horses, sales prep, and all other activities. The participants are encouraged to observe Lisa Murphy and other instructors teaching lessons as well as clinics, both on and off-site.


The tuition includes housing, stabling and instruction. Full time (live in) and part time (no housing) positions are available. A typical program is 12 months. Longer programs can be available. There may be time allotments for the apprentices who hold an additional part time job.


Past participants  are operating their own businesses and/or are working as assistant trainers or professional riders.


Call or email for rates and packages.

15100 NW 32nd Avenue, Newberry, Florida 32669   352.949.4012